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Marijuana does get eliminated from the body on its own. This typically takes 8 weeks worth of time for the body to push the THC and CNB from the body if the drug is not used after that. The results can be sped up without the use of marijuana detox drinks if the person drinks plenty of fluids. Do not attempt to drink vinegar to speed up the metabolism of the marijuana in the body as this will only make the user sick and can cause damage to the stomach. Instead, drinking water can help to metabolize the drug faster, although the marijuana detox drinks are more effective and more efficient. Drinks higher in caffeine can also be used to clear the body of the marijuana drug as well, although it is very important to continue to hydrate with water while using these caffeinated drinks.

What is important to remember is that the marijuana detox drinks are not instantaneous at clearing marijuana from the body. Most claim to work in two days, some claim to work in a single day, but overall, it is a good idea to use them at least a week before needing to take the marijuana drug test. This helps to ensure that they have time to work. To enter a drug testing facility having consumed one of the marijuana detox drinks immediately before the test and expecting it to work is not reasonable.

The drink would not have had time to be metabolized by the body and it would not have had time to flush the marijuana chemicals from the urine stream. It may even result in a stronger positive because the marijuana chemicals would be moving towards the bladder if it did have any time to metabolize. This can have a very bad negative impact on the drug test eliminate the chances of passing the tests.
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